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Guillem Serrano


Guillem is a Spanish percussionist dedicated to contemporary music. He has worked with a large number of renowned soloists as Jean Geoffroy, Christian Dierstein, Luis Tabuenca, Brian Archinal, Sisco Aparici, Tom de Cock, Simone Beneventi as well as with composers Vinko Globokar, Pierre Jodlowski, José Luis Torá, Pierluigi Billone, Voro García, Carola Bauckholt and others.


He has participated in festivals like ENSEMS (Valencia), Mostra Sonora (Valencia), ZeitRäume (Basel), FMUC (Tenerife) amongst others and has participated with many different academies, ensembles, orchestras with which he was providing a great knowledge and experience not only as an avant-garde art and classical music interpreter, also in teaching and contemporary percussion research.


In 2017 Guillem won first prize in the "Juventudes Musicales de España" competition. He is currently pursuing master studies in Music Performance with Christian Dierstein at the Music Academy in Basel.


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