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Jeanne Larrouturou


studied percussion in Bayonne with A. Gastinel and then in Tours with J.-B. Couturier.

In 2011 she entered the Haute École de Musique de Genève in the class of Y.

Brustaux, P. Spiesser, C. Delannoy and C. Gastaldin, where she obtained a Bachelor

and a Master in Pedagogy. In 2018, she completed a second Master's degree in

contemporary music at the Musikhochschule Basel in the class of M. Svoboda, M.

Weiss and J. Henneberger.

Her artistic activity focuses mainly on chamber music and transdisciplinary

encounters. Since 2011 she has been a member of the ensemble Batida, pianos and

percussion, which develops its concert concepts in Switzerland and abroad. In 2013,

she was involved in the creation of two ensembles in Geneva: the Trio 46°N

(percussion - musical theatre) and the Ensemble Caravelle (voice, flute, viola, piano,

percussion - musical performances). With the founding of the trio Stop, Drop and Roll

(guitar, flute, percussion - musical theatre) in Basel, she expanded her activities to

German-speaking Switzerland in 2017.

Through her various projects and collaborations with renowned composers, she aims

to explore the repertoire of contemporary music and participate in its creation. She is

particularly interested in experimenting with original concert formats. Since 2018,

she has been co-directing the Lausanne sound art season Fracanaüm with Kevin

Juillerat, whose programme opens up new avenues for exploring contemporary



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